Gabi Ammirato - Peace

So Blessed to have so many of you sharing my video! If you have not had a chance please check it out and share it. Thank you!

Lots of you have recently gone to college so please tweet this video link. Ask your friends to check it out. I have a bet with my promotion guys that our generation can get more done with social media then they can. Help me prove it to them!

Also if you have a local college radio station and you are willing to drop off one of my CDs so they might give it some air time that would be GREAT! Today’s radio stations play the same big songs over and over so local stations can really help a new artist break through. If you are willing DM me and I will get a CD to you.

Love to show them the power of friends and how we can use social media to get our messages out in a geniune way.

Appreciate the love and support.