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Gabi’s Interview with All Access Music (August 2016)


Interview with Hollywood News Source (April 2016)


Gabi’s Interview with Pen’s Eye View (January 2016)


Interview with Coming Up Magazine (January 2016)


Review of Dramatic by
(December 2015)

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Count our blessings

As Thanksgiving approaches and we all prepare to count our blessings I wanted to highlight my song “Best Friend”. This song was inspired by my Best Friend, my brother Josh Ammirato.

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Gabi Ammriato - Balloons

Song Inspiration

Each of my songs is inspired by either someone I know or something that happened in my life that provides me with a message I want to share.

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Gabi is a 16 year old singer songwriter who loves all genres. Her first album is comprised of pop songs that speak to issues facing kids her age. Each song is inspired by a person or event in her life that provided her a lesson or message she thinks she should share with the world.

The lead song “Dramatic” is inspired by the high school experience where certain people feel the need to add drama to everything, even if it means creating the situation. In “Missing Piece/Peace” she tackles the subject of bullying, but from the angle of asking the bully what is missing in their life that causes them to bully. She challenges them to find what is missing and fix it so they can find peace.

In “Boys Don’t Know” she bemoans the fact that boys and girls fall into the trap of focusing on superficial looks and behavior, instead of seeing the inner beauty of a person. “Stay True” talks about the importance of loving yourself and staying true to who you are at your core as you navigate the difficult process of growing up today. She is deeply concerned by the epidemic of teen suicide and hopes she can share some important messages to help kids avoid getting into that dark place.

Gabi believes that music should be used to change the world in positive ways and she hopes her album achieves that goal.

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