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Gabi is, first and foremost, a storyteller. But as a multi-faceted artist, she channels her creative energies through song writing, singing, choreographing, dancing and photography. She is an unconventional musician coming to music first through dance. A lifelong dancer, she grew up immersed in a rich and diverse variety of music genres, ranging from the classics to Hip Hop. The result is an eclectic, unique perspective and sound to her music. Gabi sees music as the universal language and the vehicle for the stories she sees all around her in the world. Avoiding labels or any specific genre, she prefers to follow the natural path of every song sent through her to the world. She is keen to innovate and fuse various genres, like jazz and rap, to deliver impactful tales through music. Gabi has created her new music leveraging the key component of her Berklee education – the collaboration of her peers. Working with a plethora of distinctly different producers has yielded an exciting and diverse set of songs she can’t wait to share.